New on CADD Community – Model Checks for Revit Performance

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We’ve recently added 5 new model checks to our BIM Manager Content Pack on CADD Community, each focused on common elements that frequently impact Revit model performance. With these checks, model managers no longer must do the tedious and time-consuming task of navigating the Revit interface to audit each of the items below. Instead, the Model Checker we built for Autodesk can generate a comprehensive report in just one click.

In Place Families

A model integrity check that will error and list any placed In-Place families in your model.

Mass Elements

A model integrity check that will error and list any placed Mass elements in your model.

Revit Links

A report that will list all the Revit links that are set to Attach and the that are set to Overlay.

Text Styles

A report that lists all the Text Types in your model.

View Filter

A report that will list all the rule-based View Filters in your model.

This new collection of model checks joins more than 20 model checks and additional items already inside our BIM Manager Content Pack. This content pack is one of nine exclusively available to CADD Community members.

Download this asset now, only on the CADD Community: CADD Downloads – Content Packs – BIM Manager Content Pack.

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