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CADD Foundation's Career Day

Amanda WilkinsonAugust 25th, 2016

A group of CADD Microsystems employees developed a Career Day program for 5th and 6th grade students participating in Wesley Housing's Summer Camp. They visited our office park on Thursday, August 18 to get an inside look at what we do.  CADD employees have been supporting local charities and the community through the CADD Foundation since its founding in 2013.

After a visit to our office space, our first order of business was a 360 degree tour of the view from the top of our office building. We were able to see some great landmarks – The Washington Monument, the Masonic National Memorial, the Fort Belvoir Observatory, and more.

We wanted to show how everything around us – like the landmarks we saw – is designed and built using technology. That the job opportunities within the design, architecture, engineering and construction industries are as exciting as they are varied. We put together a video reel that showcases all the amazing things that Autodesk software helps bring to life – skyscrapers, cities, movies, video games and more.

Next, we guided the students through two interactive activities – building bridges out of straws, and designing a city with blocks based on what cities need – schools, hospitals, roads, etc. And no field trip would be complete without a pizza party, and we were happy to oblige!

This program was developed for Wesley Housing by the CADD Foundation. Our foundation’s pillars focus on community development, youth services, and military support, and we are building programs that address these pillars. Find out more about the CADD Foundation here.


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