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CADD Helpdesk Hot Picks - Autodesk User Management

Michael ChappelMay 5th, 2020

Welcome to the CADD Helpdesk Hot Picks series. We've compiled our most frequently asked Helpdesk questions and turned them into blog posts in hopes our followers can benefit from the Q&As. Be sure to check back each week for future installments in this series.

Why is my Autodesk User Management Split in Two?

If you recently logged in to your Autodesk account and noticed a new user management view or some of your licenses transitioning into this new view, you are not alone! In fact, Autodesk has been working diligently to transition all Single-User Products over to the new management view over the past year or so.

However, you may find yourself in a situation where you are caught in between the two: Some licenses in the Classic User Management and some in the "New View." This can really throw you for a loop if you are not ready for it so here are a few quick tips to help you understand this split:

The Views are completely Separate

That's right! While Autodesk refers to these User Management Portals as "Views" they are in fact completely separate systems and not just two different ways of viewing the same data. That means if you add a user in one view, they will not show up in the other and vice/versa. That also means your product assignments do not carry over and you will have two different lists of software seats.

The "Split" is based on Contract

You might be asking yourself: so why do I have two views in the first place? Or: Why are some of my licenses in one view instead of the other? Well, my friend, you are asking the right questions! You will only have both views and have licenses split between them if you have two different contracts and only one of them has been upgraded to the New View. This usually happens around renewal time but Autodesk is slowly moving other contracts over as well.

Here is an example: User Tom has two Contracts:

110000000001 is an old Serial # Activation Product
110000000002 is a new Sign-In Based Product

Tom will have a user account that is split. Contract 110000000001 will show up in the "Classic user management." He'll have to build out his users and assign them inside of this system (See Classic User Management). However, Contract 110000000002 will show up in "By User" and "By Product" interface and will need to be built out there (See Account Management).

The Situation is Temporary

Although this may not be an ideal set up, the good news is that this situation is temporary. Autodesk plans to transition all Single-User licenses over to the new view over the next year or so and once your licenses have been moved to the new system you'll be back to just managing one section.

I hope this has helped to explain the current situation and helps you manage your products in the meantime!

-Your friendly neighborhood CADD Care

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