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New Whitepaper launched this week on the CADD Community

Kelli MarakovitsJuly 21st, 2017

Exciting news for all AutoCAD users! We just added a new whitepaper to the Technical Drafting Conversion Tables collection on the CADD Community. The Imperial and Metric Text Standards whitepaper aligns standard imperial text heights with standard metric text heights and was inspired by our civil engineering clients who requested additional help in this area.

Here’s a preview:

The Imperial and Metric Text Standards whitepaper joins two other whitepapers already available on the CADD Community: The Decimal Foot Conversion Table and the Drawing Scale Factors & AutoCAD Shortcuts.

The Decimal Foot Conversion Table converts inches to a decimal foot value. This table is most valuable to civil/survey clients, and those who setup their drawings in feet.

CAD users have two different ways of talking about a drawing’s intended plot scale: the drawing scale and drawing scale factor. The Drawing Scale Factors & AutoCAD Shortcuts whitepaper is the multiplier scale that changes the first number in the drawing scale into the second number.

Find these, and additional whitepapers only on the CADD Community: CADD Downloads – FAQs and Whitepapers – Technical Drafting Conversion Tables.

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