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Can I use my Named User Subscription Offline?

Michael ChappelJanuary 7th, 2021

Can I use my Named User Subscription Offline?

Do you ever dream of just disconnecting from everything, taking your laptop and going to a desert island, sipping a drink with a tiny umbrella, and leisurely and peacefully modeling a 4 story building in Revit? Well, you aren't alone! I think we've all been there. Or perhaps more realistically your internet is kind of spotty and you are concerned that switching to Named User will result in a lot of downtime. Whatever the case, have no fear! Even with Named User, you can use your Autodesk Software offline!

What happens if I disconnect?

If you've already activated your Autodesk software on your machine with a Named User License, then you are already set up and ready to use your Autodesk Software offline. Here is how it will work!
  • Once the Autodesk software goes offline, you'll have 30 days to continue working before you need to connect to the internet.
This means that if you've always dreamed of a four-week hike up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro to get some Civil3D engineering accomplished at the summit, Autodesk has you covered!
  • When you open your Autodesk Software 2020 and newer software, you'll be presented with the following message. Go ahead and close this dialog to continue using your software.
  • After closing this dialog you'll notice in the upper-righthand corner a new little widget displaying the remaining number of days before you'll need to reconnect to keep working:
  • That's it! Just make sure you reconnect before the 30 days expires and you won't have any downtime. If the time expires, you won't be able to access your Autodesk products until you connect to the internet again.


Now that you've learned about Autodesk Software's offline capabilities you'll never have to leave your work at home again! So when your boss asks you to finish up a few AutoCAD drawings while you are deep in the Amazonian rainforest searching for lost treasure, you'll be able to say yes! Or, you know, if your internet goes down you can still make the project deadline happen without parking outside of a McDonald's for six hours.

Stay safe, and happy travels!

Your Friendly Neighborhood CADD Care Team

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