Enabling Subassemblies in Civil 3D 2017 V1

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AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 V1 introduces many new tools for both civil engineers and surveyors. Building upon the improved corridor functionality in Civil 3D 2017, the V1 update includes a new catalog of Subassemblies. These new Subassemblies include additions for benches, curbs, ditches, shoulders, tunnels, and single-track and double-track railways.

As valuable as these new Subassemblies are, the V1 installer does not automatically add the Subassemblies to a Tool Palette. Luckily the Autodesk has made the process pretty easy. The most difficult part of the process is simply knowing where the Subassemblies are located on your machine. The secret location you’ll need to know is C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2017\enu\v1 Enhancements Subassemblies. It’s important the note, the ProgramData directory may be hidden, but typing it in will let you browse to the necessary location.

Have a look at the video above to see a demonstration for importing the new Subassemblies into your own Tool Pallette. Already using the new Subassemblies? Let us know how you’re applying them to your projects in the comments below.

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