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Copy to Clipboard Failed Tool Palette Error in Civil 3D

CADD MicrosystemsOctober 5th, 2016

Tool Palettes are a very popular method for sharing standard AutoCAD content like blocks and text across an organization. One of our CADD Care customers recently reached out to our team reporting the error "Copy to clipboard failed" when creating a new Tool Palette tool inside AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Although the error can appear in other circumstances, the issue typically affects Tool Palette tools including Civil 3D objects. In the video above I encounter the error when adding a Civil 3D Assembly to a Tool Palette. The underlying issue relates to a conflict with the PROXYGRAPHICS drawing variable. Changing the PROXYGRAPHICS drawing variable to 1 fixed the issue, and allowed me to create my new Tool Palette tool. As a drawing variable, it's important to note this is a drawing-by-drawing fix.

Watch the video above to see a demonstration of the error and its fix.

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