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Cloud credits are replaced with Flex tokens

Emily CanadaApril 19th, 2022

We've got a few more updates for you about cloud credits and Flex tokens. On March 29th, 2022, Autodesk retired cloud credits and replaced them with Flex tokens.  This change allows Autodesk to have one virtual currency that is used for both cloud services and pay-as-you-go product access.  We've asked the important questions about this change, and have rounded up the answers just for you.

If you still have cloud credits, you can use them until March 2023

You cannot swap your cloud credits for Flex tokens, but you can continue to use your cloud credits until March 29th, 2023 when all cloud credits expire.  If you currently have cloud credits in your account, Autodesk will default to using the cloud credits for products and services previously requiring cloud credits. You can reference the following list that will continue to use cloud credits until March 29th, 2023, or your balance is depleted: Cloud Services: Flex rates for pay-per-result.  Once your cloud credits balance is depleted, you must purchase Flex tokens for using these pay-per-result cloud services.

What is available now with Flex tokens and how much does it cost?

Products available with Flex tokens are charged in a few different ways - either per day, per usage, or free of charge if you have a token balance. These different offerings and pricing are listed in the Flex Rate Sheet which you can view here: Autodesk Flex Rate Sheet.  The products and services listed as free of charge, are available only if you have a token balance of at least 1 token.  In most cases, the cost of Flex tokens is comparable to using cloud credits.

Managing Flex tokens

Admins can manage Flex tokens in the Autodesk Account along with their other subscriptions.  Learn how to assign Flex entitlements to users here: How to set up Autodesk Flex.  To review Flex token usage Admins should access the Flex Token tab under User Reporting in the Autodesk Account. Standard subscriptions will have access to By Product reporting, Premium Plan subscriptions will have access to additional insights By User. If you want to learn more about using Flex tokens for your cloud services and products check out our blog: What you should know about Autodesk Flex.

How to purchase Flex tokens

Your CADD Microsystems sales rep can assist you with purchasing packs of Flex tokens.  They can help you choose the right pack, as Flex tokens expire after one year.  You can purchase additional Flex tokens at any time during your contract.  If you currently use cloud credits in your workflow, we recommend speaking with us to help create a plan to use your current cloud credits and purchase Flex tokens by March 2023 to ensure no disruption in user access.

You can always reach out to us here if you have any additional questions.

That's all for now! We will continue to be here to help navigate through Autodesk's news and changes, and how they will impact you and your business.

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