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Just Released – Enhanced MEP Families for Revit

Kelli MarakovitsJune 14th, 2017

Do you often find yourself looking for ways to simplify collaboration with other disciplines in your field? If so, then you’re in luck. We recently added three new families (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) to the Revit Content Pack for MEP on the CADD Community. You’ll want to check out these new families for yourself, but here is a short preview of each in the meantime.

  • The Fire Damper family generates a line that automatically adjusts to the width of a rectangular duct, and labels the damper on one end to indicate its location.
  • The Duplex Receptacle goes a step beyond the standard receptacle family in Revit and allows designers to easily account for stacked receptacles.
  • Finally, the Floor Mounted Water Closet (aka toilets) family allows building engineers to include only water closet piping in their model.
This download is part of eight content packs available for Revit on the CADD Community. The other content packs include.

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