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FAQs: Everything you need to know about Transitioning to Named Users

Jacob StephensAugust 25th, 2020

Autodesk is retiring plans based on serial numbers, and launching new plans based on people. The new plans ensure dedicated access for employees when they need it, help you optimize license costs and no longer require managing network servers or tracking serial numbers.

Although these new plans will deliver you and your business many benefits now, there are a lot of intricacies. We hope this compilation of frequently asked questions helps you as you take advantage of the named user model.

Q: What does “named user”/ Standalone license mean?

A: A subscription with single-user access (stand-alone license) authorizes a single user to install and use an Autodesk product on up to three devices. The license cannot be shared with another user. This license also provides the user with an at home license upon request. You also have access to the 3 previous versions of the software from the most recent update.

Q: Why is Autodesk doing this?

A: The named user model is a better fit for today’s business practices, streamlining administrative work. You can see your usage data and determine in the future, who on your team needs dedicated or flexible access. You can view usage frequency by product and version, allowing you to optimize your licensing costs.

Q: How do I make the transition after I have completed the trade-in?

A: Here are the 4 steps you’ll want to take to make the transition to the Named User model:
  1. Use the bulk upload feature to upload users into Autodesk Account via a csv file:
  2. Assign users to products
  3. CHECK ALL LICENSES IN – Reset the user’s software from network license to named
  4. Check reporting in Autodesk Account and activity on License server to ensure all users are transitioned AND THEN Decommission license server.

*Q: For the 2-for-1 trade-in offer what do we do if we don’t need twice the number of licenses? Do we still qualify for the 2:1 deal? Example: have 20 Multiuser licenses, don’t need 40 Named User.

A: In this instance, you would calculate how many licenses you need for your current use and have the option to keep extra for future hire at this grandfathered rate, or you can drop seats you do not need.

Q: What is the timeline for the 2:1 option?

A: At your first renewal date after May 7, 2020 for maintenance or August 7, 2020 for multi-user subscription, we’ll tell you how to trade your maintenance plan or multi-user subscription in for a named-user plan, all while keeping your costs consistent.

Q: Can we renew Standalone maintenance licenses this year and trade them in next year for subscription licenses?

A: For standalone maintenance, at your next renewal before May 7, 2021, you can trade in one seat for one subscription at a cost consistent with what you pay today. Current maintenance prices will experience a 20% price increase on renewals after August 7, 2020. If you let it expire and later decide to subscribe to Autodesk products, you will need to pay full price for a new subscription.

Q: What if I don’t take the maintenance trade-in offer?

A: If you do not take the trade-in offer, maintenance prices will increase by 20% on August 7, 2020.  Maintenance plans will retire on May 7, 2021 and cannot be further renewed.

Q: Our 3-year multi-user subscription contract is coming up for renewal.  Can we renew the contract for another 3 years?

A: You are not able to renew for 3 years on multi-user; this is limited to a 1 Year before they are completely retired next August 7, 2021. You can trade-in and do a 3-Year with the Multi-user Trade in promo.

Q: On the next renewal, will our price increase by 2x if we take advantage of the multi-user trade in offer?

A: No, it will not, it follows the M2S price increase structure and will not increase more than 5% every other year until 2028.

Q: How do we get software patch update notifications without using the Autodesk desktop app?

A: Simply log into their Autodesk Account and look under “Products and Services” and then under “Product Updates”

Q: Is there an easier way to import my named users?

A: Yes, there is a function called bulk import so you don’t have to add users one-by-one. Step-by-step directions can be found here.

Q: If a user leaves the company, how easy is it to change to another user?

A: It is a simple process that can be accessed in your Autodesk account, and there’s no limit to how many times users can be transferred. See how to Remove + Add New Users here.

Q: How many instances can be installed for a single-user?

A: A subscription with single-user access is activated when a Named User signs in with an Autodesk Account when the software is launched. Your subscription software can be installed on more than one computer. However, the Named User can only sign in and use that software on a single computer at any given time.

The CADD Microsystems team is here to help you through the license to named user transition. If you have any questions or need assistance, email us here or call 800.550.CADD.

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