Fixing Overridden AutoCAD Dimensions

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As good AutoCAD users, we all know that dimensions should never be overridden. But what should you do when you receive a drawing littered with overridden dimensions? You could seek out each overridden dimension individually – but that would take a very long time. Surely there’s a more efficient way to correct this sort of thing?

Thankfully there’s a very simple answer to this question, and it’s found on the Express Tools Ribbon tab within AutoCAD. Looking to the Dimensions panel, there’s a super handy tool named Reset Text. This tool is exclusively for dimensions, so even if you select everything in your drawing, the tool will only look at dimensions. More importantly, the tool will seek any dimensions with a text override applied and reset everything back to the default measurement.

Check out the video above for a step-by-step look at how to achieve this.

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