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Flex Tokens: all your biggest questions answered

Mike MottyJune 28th, 2023

We are seeing more and more customers utilize a hybrid license model, using subscriptions for their full-time users and Flex tokens for occasional users. After working with our customers since the release of Flex tokens, here are some of the most asked questions I get:

How long do I have to use my tokens, and do they roll over?

You have one year from the purchase date to use your tokens. Tokens do not roll over, and you may purchase additional tokens at any time by contacting your CADD sales rep.  Account admins receive e-mails and notifications in the Autodesk Account when your balance is low.

How am I charged for product usage?

When a product is opened, the user will be charged a daily rate per product once every 24 hours. Users will not be charged for using multiple versions or for reopening the product within the 24-hour period. Autodesk built in a small grace period, if a user closes the product within 5 minutes of opening it you will not be charged.

Should I close a product when I’m not using it?

It is very important for users to close their product when they are not using it to avoid additional token charges. Tokens are charged once every 24 hours even if the product is not being actively used. It’s important to keep this in mind to avoid excess charges.

Can I have a mix of both subscriptions and Flex for my team?

Absolutely! Admins can have users on a mix of subscriptions and Flex. When a user is assigned to the same product with both a subscription and Flex, the subscription will be used before tokens. Flex tokens are a great way to give access to your full-time subscription users to products they may need on an occasional basis.

What happens when I run out of tokens and my users try to open a product?

If your team does not have enough tokens, users lose access to Flex and will be unable to open the product. They will be provided an error message when logging in that there are not enough tokens for use.

Can I restrict user access to products included in Flex?

When admins assign users to Flex in the Autodesk Account, they are given the option to provide access to all products available with Flex or to restrict access to specific products.

As an admin, can I set token limits on a per-user basis?

No. You can limit the products to which each user has access through Flex. However, you cannot set a token limit for a specific user or a group of users.

Does Flex require that I’m connected to the Internet?

Yes. An internet connection is required when first signing into a product. After that, they can go offline for up to 24 hours. As users approach the 24-hour mark of being offline, an in-product message notifies them that online sign-in is again required.

Since I can assign an unlimited number of users to Flex does this mean that I can install products included with Flex on an unlimited number of devices, and/or that I can run an unlimited number of simultaneous sessions?

No. Flex adheres to the same Terms of Use as single-user subscriptions. Every user assigned to a product included with Flex can install that product on up to 3 devices and can run that product from one device at a time.

How can I keep track of my company token usage?

In the Autodesk Account under Reporting admins can view the Usage Report or Token Usage. The Usage Report will provide you insights into both your subscription and token users. The Token Usage page will provide more granular data on token usage and individual users.

Flex tokens are definitely here to stay as a licensing type for Autodesk products! I foresee more and more customers moving to a hybrid model to optimize their licenses and access to needed products. I hope this answers some of your questions about Flex tokens!

If you are interested in Flex tokens and why it might be a good license type for your occasional users, feel free to reach out! 

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