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Revit 2018.2 Forced Dynamo Update

Nick SipesNovember 20th, 2017

In the event that you missed your Autodesk Desktop App jumping up and telling you there are updates available, Autodesk released Revit 2018.2 on October 11th. There are a few minor updates that are rather well documented on Autodesks Revit blog post. As always we recommend reading the Update Readme and the Release Notes prior to installing an update. And this update is a prime example of why.

Under the section "Additional software included in this update" is the following statement "After this update is applied, there will be two versions of Dynamo Core installed, and" This is not completely true.

The Dynamo 1.3 core removes any 1.x cores installed during the installation. So, if you are installing this upgrade (unless you are using Dynamo 0.9.2 or earlier) your current Dynamo will be upgraded and the old version will be uninstalled.

As always, you want to test any Dynamo upgrades with your current scripts before rolling an upgrade to a company.

Dynamo 1.3.2 Update

Not surprisingly after the Revit 2018.2 update, Dynamo 1.3.2 was available to download on the download page. However, the release notes available online, nor the release notes included with the install explain what has been changed in the latest version.

Through some minor testing, we cannot find any major changes to any out of the box nodes. Our suspicion is that the upgrade was required in order resolve issues with the dynamo player that is outlined with the Revit 2018.2 release notes.

Coincidentally, around the same time as this upgrade, several developers released updates to their packages. Some worth noting are Lunchbox,, and spring nodes. Just like updates to Dynamo, test package updates before deploying them to a company.

CADD Community Dynamo Scripts

Through testing, we can confirm that this upgrade has no effect on custom scripts we've developed.


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