Importing AutoCAD Civil 3D Styles and Settings

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You’ll most likely find yourself creating or modifying some number of AutoCAD Civil 3D Styles throughout the course of a project. Although dragging-and-dropping styles between drawings has always been an option, it hasn’t been without its shortcomings.

The Import Civil 3D Styles command is a recent addition to AutoCAD Civil 3D that allows you to synchronize and import styles between drawings. With this tool you can quickly identify Civil 3D Styles that have been added, updated, or even deleted from your company’s template. In addition to styles, this tools will also let you import the Civil 3D command settings from another drawing. Check out the video to see this tool in action.

For more information about AutoCAD Civil 3D, or to learn how CADD Microsystems can help your team create and manage your own style library, contact our team of experts.

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