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Industry Expertise on Call When You Need It

Allen LevyMarch 4th, 2016

CADD Microsystems is excited to announce our newest offering, giving our customers even more ways to work with us that makes sense for them. Hourly Assistance gives customers the ability to purchase consulting hours to have on hand, giving them the flexibility of having our expertise available when you need it. It’s an easy way to have us on call in the middle of a project, during a technology roll-out, or whenever the need arises. We offer a variety of assistance with industry leading software, including the Autodesk portfolio, Bluebeam and FM Systems.

With Hourly Assistance, customers can:

  • Get help with content creation, product assistance, model assistance, product demos, standards development, software maintenance, training assistance, coordination assistance, data gathering, and more
  • Fill temporary or part time needs for industry-specific tasks
  • Supplement our other services – training, assessments, implementations and more.
Customers can now purchase as few as 2 hours for services we perform in our office, or a minimum of eight hours for us to come to their office. We don’t require a scope or have any predefined deliverables for hourly assistance, which allows us to provide a quick, flexible solution for customers. We know your needs can change quickly. CADD offers flexible options for traveling to offices beyond our standard range (75 miles).

To find out more details about Hourly Assistance click here.


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