Convert Infraworks Component Roads into Civil 3D Corridors

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Infraworks is a fantastic tool for performing conceptual design and visualization. Unfortunately, because of some of the limitations of bringing an Infraworks model into Civil 3D, many users felt that it wasn’t practical to begin their project work in Infraworks. One of the biggest concerns surrounded the fact that Infraworks Roads would only come across as Alignments and Profiles and no typical section or model would be created.

Now conceptual designs can be brought much more seamlessly forward into Civil 3D for use in the Detailed Design phase. In Civil 3D 2019 with Vehicle Tracking 2019, new functionality has been added to the “Open Infraworks Model” command that can convert Infraworks Component Roads into Corridors! Also, since a Corridor needs an Assembly, this command also generates the necessary Assemblies and places them in the drawing.

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