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ISO Docs and Being Prepared

Matthew HarrakaNovember 15th, 2022

Document control is necessary for every project. How and where we store our most used files seems to change regularly. This may be brought on by specific needs or project requirements. It used to be physical paper stored in cabinets. Those same pieces of information are tiny bits of data stored in cyberspace now.

In the past, someone would name, sort, and preemptively think about all the folders that would be used on a project. That took way too long. Luckily, a solution arrived. Just click and type the name into your computer! Instantly the light was seen; project teams came into a new era where time and cost could be saved by eliminating paper workflows. No more going all arts & crafts with a label maker and sharpies. No more printers, ink, pens, or scotch tape (my fav). Never build a storage box again!

A lot of what I illustrate above still occurs though, and it causes issues on projects. From the time it takes to access, let alone FIND, critical project information, owners continue to experience headaches as they try to find information for operating the building. It goes without saying that being prepared is typically a key ingredient in anything trying to be accomplished. This same strategy can be applied to where you save things. Instead of waiting until the last minute, take some time to look back at how it went and it’s going. Tools are being updated all the time. By having your teams go through the process of improving workflows, groups can experience more efficiency and better communication, thus creating predictable repetitive outcomes.

We talk to a lot of customers here at CADD. In a recent conversation, the customer expressed exactly the above. This customer was taking a look at ISO 19650 and reorganizing their folder structure in Autodesk Construction Cloud to meet the standard. Why? Because Autodesk Docs recently updated to support ISO 19650 adherence and they were exploring the concept. Adapting and innovating in today's world is paramount to maintaining efficiency.

So just remember during all those discussions of “this software and that software”, it is essential to remember to stay up to date with the tools that are already available to your teams.


Here are some links to read more about Autodesk Construction Cloud and ISO 19650:

DOCS Help | File Naming Standard | Autodesk

ISO - ISO 19650-1:2018

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