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Make Your Revit Elevations POP with Depth Cueing

Jason KunkelApril 28th, 2016

In the days of hand drafting (no, TV wasn’t only in black and white back then!) a traditional method of emphasizing the “layering” in an elevation would be to draw thinner or lighter linework the farther back a plane was from the elevation’s point of view. To accomplish the same effect in Revit, strange and cumbersome workarounds were often used… giant sheets of glass placed in rows, half transparent masses, views layered on views… but these all had their downside that would lead to extra effort, confusion about the design, and a potentially sloppy Revit model.

The new feature Depth Cueing in Revit 2017 aims to help architects and designers avoid these pesky workarounds. Turning on this feature will automatically fade your Revit elements the farther away they are from the view plane. Using a simple combo of sliders, you can adjust to distance to and from and the amount of fade.

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