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Managing Multiple Departments with Autodesk Teams

Michael ChappelMarch 16th, 2021


Now that Autodesk's updated User Management is in full swing all of your various contracts and serial numbers will be combined into one big easy to use pool of licenses. So for example if before you had 10 AEC Collections on one Contract and 10 AEC Collections on another, you'll now just have one big pool of 20 AEC Collections. Awesome!

But wait, what if you don't WANT 20 AEC Collections to be all smushed together. What if 10 of those belonged to your Chicago office and 10 to your carnival ? Well you could create a spreadsheet to always keep track and make sure you aren't stealing licenses from one group or another, or you could simply take advantage of Autodesk's new "Teams" feature in the Autodesk Account.

What are Teams?

Well I'm glad you asked! Teams are really just groups of users and Licenses that are able to be kept separate for situations like we described above. When you log into your Autodesk Management Portal you'll now see a "Team" dropdown near the very top:

Teams are a convenient way to manage different departments, offices, or even companies from one centralized account. By default, Autodesk will create Teams based on your current subscriptions and contracts. However you may find this to be confusing or less than ideal and if you aren't aware of Autodesk's Teams, you may even find that licenses or users have disappeared and you can longer find them! So what can we do to fix it?!

How do I set my Teams up the way I want?

That's a great question! To start go ahead and check out what each Team has under it. Click the drop down and select each team and make a note of what is under each one.
  1. If the licenses are at least divided correctly (10 and 10 for example) then we just need to do the following:
    1. Add/Remove users from each team to accurately reflect which teams they should be a part of.
    2. Rename the team for easy recognition.
  2. If the licenses are not divided correctly you'll need to reach out to Autodesk Support to get them to change the licenses over. (If you are a CADD Microsystems Customer, we can take care of this for you via our CADD Care Support Team!)
To Change the Name of a Team:
  1. Select the team you want to change.
  2. Click the settings icon in the upper right.
  3. Click Rename.
  4. Enter a new name and click Save changes.
What if I don't want Teams but I seem to have several?

Well that part is simple! You'll just need to reach out to Autodesk Support or if you are a CADD Microsystems Customer, you can reach out to our CADDCare Certified Helpdesk Team and we can get those teams removed. Just make sure you include a good description of which teams you want or don't want, and we'll get it taken care of for you!


Teams are a powerful way to manage multiple organizations or departments from a single Autodesk Account, however they can also throw you for a loop if you aren't aware of their existence or purpose. We hope this post will inspire you to take advantage of their utility or at least know how to correct them in case you suddenly find some teams you didn't expect!
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