Message from CADD CARE regarding Multi-User Licenses

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With so much ambiguity in these uncertain times, accessing your software and managing multiple licenses certainly isn’t something that should add to the stress. Our CADD Care Helpdesk team understands the need for preparing multi-user licenses for potential and active telecommuting in the following weeks. To help, they’ve put together the guide below for using your software from home so that your work can continue without interruption. 

Work from home options with Multi-User Licenses

  1. Use trial mode.
  2. Borrow a license.
  3. Request a home-use license.

For more information on options 1 and 2, please see the links below:
To view and manage a network license

Borrowing a license

If those options are out of the question, for instance, the user is trapped at home or using a VPN, then see information about option 3 below: 
Autodesk home use rights
Request a license to use software at home

If you have any further questions, the CADD Care Certified Helpdesk Team is here to help. You can email questions to, or call 703.924.5310.

Contact us!

Our CADD Care Certified Helpdesk provides you with direct access to a full-time staff of technical experts that will help you get your software questions answered quickly and accurately. You can email us at, or call 703.924.5310.

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