Metric Pressure Parts Now Integrated into Civil 3D

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Civil 3D is an international product that is used worldwide. Because most companies do not use Imperial units, the fact that previous releases only came with an Imperial Pressure Catalog made the use of Pressure Pipe Networks difficult, requiring either heavy set-up in the beginning to establish metric parts, or tedious, manual manipulation after parts were placed in every project. Even the out-of-the-box Metric, NCS template had Pressure Parts Lists that pointed to the Imperial Pressure Parts Catalog. Many companies in the U.S. work with clients either in the U.S. or internationally that require Metric deliverables, so these companies experienced the same issues.

A fully-functioning Metric Pressure Parts Catalog is now integrated into Civil 3D 2019. In addition, the Metric template has been updated so that the “Water” Pressure Parts List now makes use of parts directly from this new Metric Catalog. This will greatly reduce the time necessary for Catalog customization and/or part manipulation for companies that need to work in Metric units.

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