Model Checker for Revit Update

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And the updates keep rolling!

For those of you using the Autodesk Model Checker for Revit and the Configurator, there has been an update.

The Configurator got a little tweak that should make organizing your filters around easier. On the left of the filter workspace, there is now a MOVE UP and MOVE DOWN button that will let you quickly move a selected filter up and down without having to reselect it each time.

The Model Checker itself has gotten some bug fixes and a pretty significant enhancement. Prior versions would only allow you to check Type Names vs non-System Families, due to how the Model Checker took advantage of some of the features of the API. The Type Name check has been totally overhauled, now allowing folks to check against System Families as well. So, if you need to check the Type Name of a Wall, you can do it!

Feel free to download the new versions from

Download the new versions now

Download the FREE version of Model Checker for Revit and the Configurator, and check out additional resources at

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