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Model Maintenance Monday

Jason KunkelJuly 11th, 2016

We talked earlier about how to do the big audits and review to keep your model healthy. But what about the little things that can make a big difference? Some of the things I like to do on Mondays (wink wink) or Fridays depending on how my week pans out are the following:

  • Review links. Confirm these are pulling from the correct folders and not "My Documents" or a "Desktop"
  • Review families! Anything named Family 1/My Family/New Family confirm is
    • Family is actually in the model.
    • How many instances are there?
    • Rename it to something that makes sense.
    • If it is not there purge it out!
  • Do you have ??? in your browser? Take a peek and get those views to their rightful spot!
  • Check the number of groups make sure none have an instance of 1. If there is only once instance it does not need to be a group.
  • Check Filter and View Template naming conventions
  • Use worksharing view to verify objects are on the correct worksets.
  • Verify elements are that need to be pinned are pinned, this should include levels and grids.
  • Compact the model
Hopefully these help keep your models speedy!

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