Model Maintenance Monday
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Downloaded Content …  It’s a necessary evil, no BIM manager can create every piece of content for every project ever! (Can we?)

In order to make sure that downloaded content doesn’t take down your model, it’s great to have a process in place for all of your users. I like to keep it simple so everyone can understand it and follow it!

  • Download file and purge out and set any materials to Default. * Then purge out materials.
  • If a family has multiple types, purge out the ones you don’t need. (A few extra is fine, but some families can have up to 20 variations!)
  • Open a blank project and load that family into your new project. Toggle between types, and test the graphics.
  • Save to family folder for your project then push into you project!

*Only purge out materials if you are using this family for documentation only. This would not apply for families that were used for rendering.

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