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New in CADD Community: Updated CADD Add-ins for Revit

Jason KunkelJanuary 16th, 2023

We have released an update for our CADD Add-ins for Revit that CADD Community users can access by logging into CADD Community and downloading from there.

FilterPLUS, Dashboard, and WarningsPLUS all got minor tweaks plus 2023 support. The Toolbox got some pretty big under-the-hood and over-the-hood updates (is "over-the-hood" a thing?)

CADD Toolbox for Revit Updates

First and foremost, we have 2023 support like the other tools. We have also addressed some minor caching issues. Beyond that, we have overhauled how the Toolbox indexes the Tools, so you will only see Tool categories for available Tool Types.

Part of this update meant we had to overhaul our Utilities. As a reminder, the Utilities are our collection of time-saving add-ins that we delivery directly through the Toolbox. This means whenever we add a new Utility, all the users get access to it. No new installs, no manual downloads, just click and run.

With this update, older versions of the Toolbox will not be able to run the CADD Utilities until you get the latest version.

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