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New on CADD Community: Facilities Management Whitepapers

Kelli MarakovitsJuly 18th, 2019

New on CADD Community! The CADD Community is our online portal, powered by Global eTraining and loaded with on-demand training, apps, model/design content and whitepapers, built to help our clients use their Autodesk software more efficiently. This blog series highlights new content recently added to CADD Community, and why you need it.

What’s New?

Our Facilities Management team has been hard at work, developing new webinars to support our O&M clients. But more recently, they've also authored a collection of technical whitepapers that are designed to provide our clients with additional information following the webinars. These new whitepapers now live on the CADD Community and you can learn more about them below.

Whitepaper #1: Drawing Standards Checklist

As with most handoffs throughout the Design, Build, Operate (DBO) workflow, drawings often contain far more information than necessary when they reach an FM group. This whitepaper provides a checklist of the things teams should do to standardize the setup and configuration of DWG files used for FM. CADD Community members can download this asset here.

Whitepaper #2: Layer Standards for FM

Since Facilities Management drawings often originate from many different sources, they’re also likely to have an inconsistent use of Layers. Although every AutoCAD drawing applies Layers in some way, this whitepaper explores the topic through the lens of Facilities Management, and the workflows specific to it.

CADD Community members can download this asset here.

These new whitepapers join three other technical whitepapers for Facilities Management exclusively available to CADD Community members.

Download this asset now, only on the CADD CommunityCADD Downloads – FAQs and Whitepapers – Technical Whitepapers for Facilities Management. Not a CADD Community member? Contact us here to get started.

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