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New on the CADD Community: Content, Content and More Content!

Kelli MarakovitsJune 21st, 2017

Our team at CADD Microsystems continues to build incredible content designed specifically for your projects. It does not matter if you are using AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit, or even Bluebeam Revu, the CADD Community offers something for everyone. Below is a brief summary of all the great content recently added to the CADD Community.


AutoCAD Content Pack

  • Ceiling Grid Hatch Patterns: Drawing ceiling grids is tedious work in AutoCAD, but these custom hatch patterns make it a one-step process.
  • Title Block Templates: Plotting is one of the biggest struggles of most AutoCAD users, and these title blocks and page setups (plot configurations) give customers a pre-configured solution to make things work.
  • Classic Workspace Script: Autodesk no longer provides a “Classic” interface with menus and toolbars, but this script will build it inside any version of AutoCAD.
AutoCAD Civil 3D Content Pack
  • APWA (Miss Utility) Color Book: If you’ve ever had utility locations marked in your yard, you’ve probably noticed your yard looks like a rainbow afterward. These colors are an industry standard, and the AutoCAD Color Book file brings the correct colors to your AutoCAD Civil 3D customers.
BIM Manager Content Pack
  • Model Checker Checks Part 2: Adding six new Model Checker Configurations, clients can now perform nearly two-dozen separate model checks using the Model Checker CADD developed for Autodesk.
Bluebeam Revu Content Pack
  • Architectural and Structural Review Toolsets: These two toolsets build upon the MEP toolsets already on CADD Community, and provide a complete markup toolset for the building.
Revit Content Pack for MEP
  • Enhanced Families: Duplicating data is never a good practice, but it’s what many MEP engineers are forced to do with fixtures placed by the architect. Our new Fire Damper, Receptacle, and Water Closet families are built for collaboration, reducing the need for duplicating data.
  • Model Starting View: Start from the “same sheet of music” by sharing pertinent project information when team members open their models. In addition to the coordination benefits, this is also likely to improve the time it takes to open models.
Revit Content Pack for Architects
  • Parametric Detail & Scheduling Components: Overcoming a limitation of Revit, this allows users to both tag, quantify, and schedule elements such as a façade masonry treatment.
  • Model Starting View: Shared with the Revit Content Pack for MEP, this allows teams to present pertinent information to team members, and potentially improve the time it takes to open the model.

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