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Notes from the Road: FM Systems User Conference

Kelli MarakovitsApril 24th, 2014

Today the FM Team is learning about the new features in FM:System's FM:Interact latest release, v 8.3.

GIS Mapping Capability, Hoteling, Room Reservations, Dashboards, faster page loading, extending reporting features, and lots more are exciting items that can help you better manage your Space, People and Assets.


Ask our team the value that Dashboards bring to your organization when using this CAFM program.  You'll learn about keeping them clean, organized and providing the information the viewer needs at their fingertips without having to navigate through the software to find KPI's.


Have you ever viewed a page of data and just wanted to pull that data into a spreadsheet?  Well with FM:Interact 8.3, that is possible. Simply right click on a data view and that data can be exported to an Excel file that is sortable and printable.  This helps when you have the data in the system but do not have time to build a full Report.

GIS Mapping Capability:

Build a home page in FM:Interact 8.3 that shows all of your building locations based on actual street addresses and quickly view them on an OpenStreets Map instantly. This easily controlled function will allow better personalization of the home page.

Stay tuned for more notes from the road at the FM: Systems User Conference.  As always, the CADD Team is here to help show you the tools to better manage your space.

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