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Notes from the Road: FM Systems user Conference

Bridget JohnsonApril 23rd, 2014

Several folks from CADD Microsystems are attending the FM:Systems Business Partner Day and User Conference, held annually in Raleigh, NC. We are seeing some of the new 8.3 feature sets and are excited about a lot of them, including:

  • Hoteling
  • Mapping features
  • FM:Mobile updates
  • Data view enhancements and color coding in reports
  • Updated viewer support
  • BOMA support
  • Revit updates

Hoteling enhancements

I think the new Hoteling options are one of the best enhancements – it’s easy to use and could be a big cost savings. Hoteling allows employees to reserve space on their own, without involving several people and time to find open space.

Other benefits of hoteling include:

  • Reducing the physical space needed for an organization
  • Ensuring worker access to office resources
  • Allowing employees to locate and book space easily
  • The ability to view and manage reservations
  • Flexible approval workflows, if required
  • Calendar views for day, week and month

Hoteling allows employees to make a reservation for a specific date and time, and to pick a room that is available, since it allows only open spaces to be selected. It has a "Send to my calendar" button to send the details of the reservation to calendars within Outlook, Notes, etc.

This could make life a lot easier for the telecommuter, reduce overhead to manage hoteling space and potentially reduce the building space that is needed. It reminds me of finding a seat on an airline when I book a flight. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and only allows me to pick a seat that is available.

We’ll be posting more updates from the FM: Systems User Conference, so stay tuned for more. We’d be happy to show you how this – and the other enhancements we are seeing -  can help you manage your space.

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