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Autodesk Options File Template added to CADD Community

Kelli MarakovitsAugust 25th, 2017

As a manager, do you find managing user licenses to be one of the biggest challenges you face? You know, controlling factors like who can access certain products, how long people can check-out/borrow licenses, recovering licenses of people who leave the office with AutoCAD or Revit still running...just to name a few.

To help address this very challenge, we’ve recently added a new Options File Template to the CAD Manager Content Pack on CADD Community. It includes every possible option of an options file, along with easy-to-implement instructions for each. The new Options File Template allows you to:

  • Create a report log
  • Control license borrowing behavior
  • Regulate how long a license can be in use
  • Reserve licenses for specific users or systems
  • Restrict access to certain licenses
  • Control license recovery for idle products
Find this, and additional content packs only on the CADD Community: CADD Downloads – Content Packs – CAD Manager Content Pack.

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