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Our top favorite Autodesk Build updates

Matthew HarrakaDecember 22nd, 2021

Autodesk continues to update and improve Autodesk Build regularly. They are constantly working to increase collaboration and connectivity amongst Team members and Stakeholders no matter the stage in the lifecycle of the Project. 

The November release has over 25+ new updates, features, and enhancements your teams can leverage to help improve workflows.  

I have pulled out some of my favorites from this latest release below. You can check out all of the updates on the Autodesk Digital Builder website: Autodesk Build Archives - Digital Builder.  

Matt’s 5 Favorites from this Month: 

Submittals | Review & Annotate PDF Attachments 

This update allows users to markup attachments being used in the submittal process. Just how we are used to working, in the event a reviewer needs to add notes as a part of the revision cycle on the submittal document, they can now accomplish that.  

Assets | Bulk Edits on Web & Mobile 

In general, Asset Management during the Construction lifecycle is no easy task. It is usually a team effort by all on-site to track, maintain and then ultimately hand over the information about what was installed. Assets in Build now makes this process even easier by allowing users to make Bulk changes on the Web and Mobile applications. Let us say, all of the individual assets in a category need to have their status changed, easily select them all, and change their status.  

Issues | Add reference to submittals, forms, PCOs 

The Issue module is and has been great at capturing anything that might arise and granting the ability to communicate that to another project member, no matter the stakeholder. Now in addition to all the great reference capabilities currently, we can add reference to Submittals, Forms and PCOs. This further increases the ability to communicate the relationship of information and issues to all Project Stakeholders.  

Handover | Files & Issues in As Built Export 

Due to be released soon. The ability to download and retain both Files and Issues will be added to the As-Built Export Tool. This tool found in the Settings section of Build already allows for a .zip file download of Sheets, RFIs and Submittals. Now with the ability to grab Files and Issues too, this tool should allow Stakeholders to ensure they can keep and/or share their information in whichever manner they choose.  

Dashboards | Unified Account Level UI Enhancements 

Previously when going to use the Executive dashboard in Construction Cloud users were met with the UI fromBIM 360which created confusion as to whether that was the intended webpage to utilize. This confusion has been resolved by having the same newer UI applied so that users have a better experience knowing that where they have arrived is indeed the right place.  

Be sure to check back to the CADD blog periodically for any updates in the future! 

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