Registering Point Clouds using Autodesk ReCap

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Point Cloud data files can be created using a variety of methods. The data files can also come in a variety of different file formats depending on how you captured the data and what device or software you were using. Autodesk ReCap has the ability to import these data files together to create a cohesive point cloud model.

Once the data files are imported, the user can use ReCap to further refine the model by piecing together the data files. This process is called registration. By registering the data files together, the user is creating a more cohesive, accurate, and higher quality model than what would be produced by other software or a standalone scanner. Essentially, the registration process refines the point cloud model for the user for a clearer picture of the scanned area.

In the above video, you will learn how to register point cloud data files together for a more refined point cloud model.

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