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Preparing to Select a Facility Management Software

Justin FriedmanNovember 19th, 2020

As we begin returning to the workplace it is even more important to understand the space we have and how it is being utilized.  If you are considering the implementation of a Facility Management software solution there are some key things to consider.

  • Portfolio – The Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) platform is designed to manage all aspects of Facility Management to include space, assets, real estate and lease, moves, strategic planning, project management, and sustainability. There are other options available depending on the size and need of your organization.  You want to have a good understanding of what you would like to capture before purchasing a software.
  • Stakeholders – It is always a best practice to understand who the stakeholders will be in such a decision. It can be misunderstood that an IWMS platform is only leveraged by the Real Estate and Facility organization.  The data that goes into a system of this magnitude could be leveraged by Human Resources, Security, and Finance organizations.  The consultation with your internal IT team is critical to ensuring the implementation is a success.  Collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure that all needs are met, and that alignment is in place.
  • Skillset – Facility Management software can be concise in terms of the necessary skills to not only implement but maintain. It is recommended to review the skillset of the team members who will be using this software to make sure there aren’t any gaps.  If gaps exist this gives you a head start to train existing team members or potentially look for additional resources.
  • Data – The primary and supplemental data that can be leveraged in an IWMS platform can be substantial. However, the first step is understanding the current data that you have readily available.  This data can include:
    • Building Information
    • Floor plans
    • Space data
    • Human Resource
    • Organization
    • Security
    • Assets
    • Real Estate and Lease
    • Financial

A platform is only as valuable as the data that goes into it!

  • Business Outcomes – Expanding the conversation to the broader audience allows for a software to be leveraged to the fullest. Meeting with stakeholders is key because it will ensure that all expected business outcomes are met.  Each stakeholder will have an outcome(s) that will contribute to their day-to-day roles and responsibilities.  The idea when implementing software is to centralize data that an organization accesses to improve efficiency and accuracy.
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