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Project Vasari Graduates from Autodesk Labs

CADD MicrosystemsAugust 29th, 2012

Introduced as an easy-to-use building conceptualization tool in November 2010, Project Vasari has become a powerful extension to the Autodesk Revit platform. After nearly two-years in Autodesk Labs, Project Vasari has graduated to become Autodesk Vasari Beta. This is a significant milestone, as Project Vasari graduating from Autodesk Labs means Autodesk Vasari is here to stay.

Beyond the graduation itself, this first beta of Autodesk Vasari adds several welcome features to the former technology preview. Autodesk Vasari Beta 1 introduces the following:

  • Family editing: Now you can double-click an instance of a family in a project to open the family for editing.
  • Surface Transparency Sliders: The Ghost Surfaces and Transparent Override options were replaced with a Surface Transparency slider. Now you can set a Surface Transparency override between 0-100 by Element, Category, Filter and View. Access the Surface Transparency slider from the Graphic Display Options dialog, or select an element, right-click, and select Override Graphics in View By Element, By Category, or By Filter.
  • Visualization Graphics: Anti-Aliasing now provides smoother lines for geometry in all views. See Hardware Acceleration.
  • Conceptual Design Environment: You can divide paths, curves, and form edges with nodes that can host components and component arrays.
  • Cloud Rendering: With a subscription to select Autodesk products, you can use the Autodesk 360 Rendering service to create photorealistic images and panoramas from any computer. See Cloud Rendering.
  • Revit 2013 file-format compatibility: Compatible with Revit 2013 and includes all the features from previous versions of Project Vasari.
Visit to learn more, and download Autodesk Vasari Beta 1.

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