Removing Content From Point Clouds

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Point Clouds are a great way to visualize a facility, space, or a particular object. You have the ability to orbit, pan, zoom, and other various methods of navigating a point cloud model in ReCap. But there comes a time where you need to remove objects from the point cloud.

Take for example, if you were trying to understand the square footage of an open area that contained equipment that you needed to remove. You can remove the objects quickly and gain the ability to take accurate measurements of that area. Another reason is to see a space in a way that provides you a clearer understanding of how that space is managed. By removing equipment in a space, you now have an open space where you can add new equipment, gain perspective of space availability, and manage how the space is used with new equipment or different layouts.

In the video above, you will learn a simple way to remove content from a point cloud without affecting the clarity of the model.


Need to learn more about point cloud models?

Check out our webinar on Capturing Current Conditions and Creating Point Cloud Models.

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