Revit Model Checker – Comparing Elements

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At its base functionality, the Autodesk Model Checker for Revit wants to collect elements that match a series of filters. For the most part, it evaluates each element individually so you can’t do things like interference checks or compare one list of elements to another.

There is some custom functionality in the Model Checker that will compare elements to each other. While not exhaustive, they are very useful.

Host Parameter

There is a filter that lets you compare an element’s parameter to a host parameter. You can check if it matches or not. For example, if I wanted to make sure that all my doors’ fire ratings matched their hosts’ fire rating, it would look like this:

Parameter Duplicated

A filter condition of Duplicated is available for parameters. This will look through the identified parameter and match any elements where the parameters have a duplicate:

Redundant Location

Finally, the Model Checker can look for elements in the same place. It looks for instances of the same Category and Type in the same XYZ and will report back anything that it finds that matches.

Sample Checkset

If you want to download a sample checkset XML with the above checks, you can grab it here and dissect it.

Download the Model Checker for Revit

Download the FREE versions of the Autodesk Model Checker, Model Checker Configurator, COBie Extension, and Classification Manager today, and check out additional resources at

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