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Revit Level and View Renaming "Don't Ask Again" Checkbox Insights

Jason KunkelMay 29th, 2018

Revit 2019 had a host of great new features that taken together make a very compelling upgrade argument. One additional feature that might cause a little confusion is the addition of a "Do not ask me again" checkbox to the view/level renaming dialog prompt.

This is the prompt you get when you rename a level that is associated with same named views, or vice-versa. Revit asks you if you also want to rename the corresponding views and/or levels. Revit is trying to save you some time, but this has the potential to cause some chaos in your model if you aren't paying attention. I have seen numerous levels named "LEVEL 1 DEMO" or "LEVEL 2 FURNITURE LAYOUT" or similar when someone renames a view and just clicks "Yes" in the dialog prompt without really thinking about what it does.

I appreciate the attempt to speed things up, but I have never been a fan of this functionality in Revit. And this checkbox, to me, just makes it easier to get things named oddly.

Unfortunately, right now there is no way to UNCHECK the checkbox through the Revit interface. The only way to manage it once you can no longer see it is via the Revit.ini file. You want to look for SuppressConfirmLevelRename and/or the SuppressConfirmPlanViewRename settings under the Messages section of the ini file. The settings are:

  • 0 = display the dialog box and user answers Yes or No
  • 6 = user has selected Yes and checked the "Do not show me this message again" checkbox
  • 7 = user has selected No and checked the "Do not show me this message again" checkbox
So this is how you can undo that checkbox if you hit it accidentally. It's also a way for BIM Managers to set it to "7" and force people to rename their views and levels independently. But who would be that sneaky...



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