Revit 2018 New Features for Architects

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Revit 2018 is out and this is when we see firms slowly adopting the new release into their production workflow.  While this release doesn’t have one single huge addition, there are a group of really well thought out enhancements that will help architects work faster and document easier.

Model Group Parameters and Schedules

A great new feature in Revit 2018 is the ability to add parameters to and schedule Model Groups.

Railings on Topo

Revit 2018 adds a new category of elements that you can now host your Railings to – Topo Surfaces.

Stair Tool Enhancements

In Revit 2018, the Multi-story Stairs have gotten an outstanding overhaul.

Text Symbols

Riding on the new Text from Revit 2017, Revit 2018 now makes it easier for you to add symbols to your notes.

Learn even more about Revit

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