Revit 2019 – Brand New Steel Tab

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In previous versions of Revit, modeling steel connections and modifying steel elements consisted of creating hard manipulate Revit Family files or relying on hard to understand Instance Parameters. A Steel Connections tool was added to the 2018 version, and while it is extremely powerful and useful, it requires knowledge about the standard connection and how to effectively edit their parameters.

In the 2019 version of Revit, a brand new tab has been added to the interface that will change how you model steel elements and how they are connected to other elements. The new Steel tab contains editing tools that more easily modify structural framing and column elements and apply custom parametric cuts to better accommodate the geometry of elements at a connection. Steel components like plates, bolts, anchors, shear studs, and welds can now be placed in the 3D model to connect structural members together. Gain greater flexibility in modeling simple and complex steel connections in your structural steel model with this new feature.

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