Schedule View Templates and Column Width Quirk

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Revit 2017 offers far more extensive integration with view templates and schedules. The view template can maintain not only the general graphics of the schedule, but also the fields and the formatting. This formatting includes column widths… mostly. The template has the width information, so if you assign a template to a schedule, the column widths will align. If you are in the edit view of a schedule, you also cannot change the column widths. What is a little odd is that after you place the schedule on a sheet, you can change the column widths there, and the changes will be reflected in the edit view. A little bit of a disconnect, in my opinion. A workaround is to unassign the schedule’s view template, and then reassign it. This will reset the column widths to what is set in the template. You might want to pin the schedule on the sheet as well, this will keep users from being able to change the column widths. It will also keep users from being able to move it, so that’s not a rock solid solution. Until Revit gets an update to address it, you will just have to keep this in mind for consistency. Aside from that hiccup, the additional functionality of the view templates with schedules is a huge bump in Revit 2017.

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