Single Sign-On for Autodesk Standard Plan

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Autodesk announced that Single Sign-On is now available to all customers on both Standard and Premium Plans. We wanted to take a few minutes to answer some questions that you might have about this news:

What is SSO and why would my company want to use it?


How do I set up SSO?

Additional resources: 

What is Active Directory Group Sync?

Autodesk directory sync allows customers to add and maintain users from their organization’s directory groups to their Autodesk team. The automated sync ensures that user details are current, and that access is managed based on the enterprise user directory (Add and Remove Users) and streamlines user provisioning/product assignment within Autodesk. While SSO is a requirement to enable directory sync, it is currently available only for Premium Plan customers. If you’re interested in learning more about Premium Plan and how to get access to this feature e-mail us at

Single-Sign-on is a great benefit that a lot of customers have been asking for from Autodesk and we are happy that it is now here!

Have Questions?

Want to know more about SSO or Active Directory Group Sync?

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