Twelve Days of CADD Care: (Day Four) CADD Toolbox

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On the fourth day of CADD Care, my CADD Team gave to me… a Toolbox full of great Revit software!

For Revit users looking to speed up some repetitive tasks, check out our CADD Toolbox. Free to our CADD Community members, the CADD Toolbox for Revit not only has families, Dynamo scripts, videos, blog posts, etc., it also has more than two dozen apps, or “Utilities” that can help make your Revit tasks a little easier.

Need to change all your room names to upper case with one click? We have a tool for that.

Want to isolate elements in your view that have Warnings tied to them? We have a tool for that.

Export all your schedules at once? Add a piece of text to the empty parameters in your doors, rooms, or spaces with ease? Create a drafting view with a sample of each line style or filled region in your model? We have tools for all that.

And dozens more!

The CADD Toolbox is the easiest way to get access to all the great CADD Community resources PLUS these great new Utilities as well. And don’t miss out on our other great Revit add-ins: FilterPLUS, WarningsPLUS, and Dashboard to make your Revit life easier.

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Check back tomorrow and next week to see what the CADD team has in store for all Twelve Days of CADD Care.

Get the CADD Toolbox

Join CADD Community and get connected to award-winning training and productivity tools. The CADD Community, powered by Global eTraining, provides our members with exclusive access to valuable industry resources including content packs, videos, Revit & AutoCAD apps, interactive courses, and whitepapers – available 24/7. Plus, the add-ins: FilterPLUS, WarningsPLUS, CADD Toolbox and Dashboard to make your Revit life easier!

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