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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Autodesk Revit 2017 for Architects

Jason KunkelApril 25th, 2016

Revit 2017 enhances the way architects get their job done by adding key new user requested features and functionality.

Depth Cueing



No longer do we need layers of mass elements to add depth to our elevations! The new Depth Cue feature lets Revit automatically “fade” your model as you go farther away from your elevation or section cut line.

Schedule Improvements



You now have the ability to Combine Parameters into a single schedule field, making your schedules easier to read and understand, and allowing you to avoid any workarounds to get the data that you need. Plus, schedules now support a more expansive integration with View Templates for consistency in your documentation.

Calculation in Annotation Tags


Previously limited to schedules in your project, you can now add a calculated value to a label in your tags.

Text Improvements


One major change and several excellent tweaks makes Text a far more productive tool. Useful tweaks include levels in your lists, the ability to set all text to upper or lowercase, and being able to add spaces between list items. The major change is the Text Editor is now truly “what you see is what you print”; no more jumping text boxes when you click inside to edit your text!


Improved Railing Hosts


You can now model your railing as it’s intended to be built with far more ease. Rails will now follow the slope, elevation, and profile of tops of walls, floors, and roofs.

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