Top 5 Reasons to Choose Autodesk Revit Structure 2014

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There are several improvements and enhancements to existing features within Revit Structure 2014 that make upgrading a worthwhile endeavor.

Enhanced Analytical Model

Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 - Enhanced Analytical Model

Enhancements to help create and manage the Analytical Model include the ability to create filters to display Nodes with the status of “unconnected” with different colors, adjust analytical walls in relation to analytical floors and foundation slabs, and annotate and schedule analytical Nodes and Links.

These improvements help solve round-tripping issues between Revit Structure and structural analysis software.

Reinforcement Enhancements

Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 - Reinforcement Enhancements

Reinforcement enhancements include reinforcing rounding, improved modeling and display of welded wire mesh, and more control over rebar shape definition. Also, rebar placement has been improved by new types of constraints that allow greater control to keep designs coordinated and accurate.

Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 - Reinforcement Enhancements

More rebar options when modeling and documenting concrete reinforcement allow for a more manageable model.

Improved Positioning of Beams and Braces

Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 - Improved Positioning of Beams and Braces

New characteristic points that standardize sections in both directions, along with enhanced beam justifications and offsets, plus location line visibility allow for much easier control over beams and bracing placement than ever before. This improvement allows for more support of standard detailing practices for design and fabrication.

Join Geometry Ordering

Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 - Join Geometry Ordering

The Join Geometry tool has a new option to change the order of joining that helps for a more realistic and accurate representation of concrete designs, such as a concrete floor joining with concrete beams.

Structural Analysis and Code Checking Toolkit for Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 - Autodesk 360 Structural Analysis

Extend structural workflows in the Revit environment with access to Structural Analysis for Autodesk Revit. This includes better interoperability with Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2014, structural results storage and exploration tools, and a code checking framework.


Autodesk Revit Structure 2014

These improvements and enhancements to Revit Structure 2014 increase productivity with modeling and analysis of Revit projects.

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