Top 5 Reasons to Choose Navisworks 2016

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Key new enhancements to Navisworks 2016 will enable design / construction teams to visually control hyperlinks, automatically save viewpoints for redlines, utilize 2D PDF’s for quantification, reference Navisworks models into AutoCAD, and collaborate more effectively through BIM360 Glue integration.

Visual Control of Hyperlinks

Links are now hidden when the attached object is hidden or sectioned from view.

Autosave Redlines to Viewpoints

Viewpoints are automatically saved when adding redlines.

2D PDF Support for Quantification

Use the 2D PDF’s to quantify items for material takeoff. Adjust lineweights from the Item Catalog. Print PDF sheets with quantification markups.

Navisworks Core Engine for AutoCAD 2016

Use NWC and NWD files as references within AutoCAD.

Deeper Integration with BIM360 Glue

Enhanced collaboration capabilities with Navisworks and BIM360 Glue. New “connected mode” provides seamless upload and update of the merged model in BIM360 Glue.

See these features demonstrated in our Navisworks 2016 On-demand webinar. Click here to view the webinar.

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