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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Revit 2016 for MEP

CADD MicrosystemsJuly 7th, 2015

Key new enhancements to Revit 2016 will enable the MEP engineering professional to design, analyze, and document more efficiently, and increase productivity.

Integration with Autodesk Fabrication

Apply and integrate Autodesk fabrication parts into Revit 2016.

New Search Options

Users can now use the new search feature in many tools within Revit including the Family Type Selector and Panel picklist.

Selection Box

By selecting objects within a plan view, the user can create a view based on what is selected by picking the Selection Box icon in the Modify View tab. A 3D view is created/modified to match what the user has selected.

Improved Circuit and Electrical Design

Circuiting has become easier when creating multiple circuits that draw power from the most recently used panel. Users can also move line items to a specific circuit using the move to feature. Users can also specify Circuit Sequence for their projects.

Graphical Representation for Duct Fitting Tables

New graphical representation of Duct fitting tables.

Revit 2016 for MEP

These new features and more, make Revit 2016 the most effective version yet for the MEP engineering professional, helping to enable better design, analysis, and documentation, and to meet the challenges of the industry today.

See these features demonstrated in our Revit MEP 2016 New Features on-demand webinar. Click here to view the webinar.

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