Top 5 Reasons to Choose Revit 2017 for MEP

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Improved Text Editor and Layout




Improved text editor adds new functionality to the Ribbon Text Tab. You can use simple text editing tools that are quite familiar to us from other word processors. Number, bullet, indent, and list text with these new tools.

Improvements to Fabrication Parts usability, tools, and tool tips

Image2AImage2B Image2D

Fabrication parts in Revit have been improved to increase usability. Part modeling improvements include Route and Fill where a user can connect two open endpoints of a run and specify solutions when routing. Added tool tips make it easier for the user to understand the MEP part run they are editing.

Calculated Values in Annotations Tags


Tag calculated values in annotations tags. While editing the annotation tag family, simply add a calculated value to the label.

Combine Parameters in Schedules

Combine parameters in Schedules. While adding fields to the schedule, click “Combine Parameters” and add the parameters you wish to combine.

View Templates for Schedules

Create schedules quickly and with standard view settings. From an existing schedule, create a view template and apply that template to your schedules.

Revit 2017 for MEP

These new features and more, make Revit 2017 the most effective version yet for the MEP engineering professional, helping to enable better design, analysis, and documentation, and to meet the challenges of the industry today.

Learn more about Autodesk Revit 2017 MEP New Features

Our webinar reviews the new features and benefits of the latest software from Autodesk.

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