Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to AutoCAD 2024

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AutoCAD has been the leading computer-aided design software for over three decades, and its latest version, 2024, offers some exciting new features and enhancements.  If you’re wondering whether it’s worth upgrading to AutoCAD 2024, here are the top five reasons why CADD Microsystems think you should.

  1. Let’s get it started!  AutoCAD 2024 makes it easier to search for recent documents on the Start Tab.  Recently used files can be sorted by name or by last opened, making it easier to pick back up from where a user left off.  The search box allows for searching recent documents by file name or file path and recent documents can be pinned to the Start Tab to make them even more accessible for future design sessions.
  2. What’s on the Menu?  Two new menus have been added to the AutoCAD 2024 Interface.  The File Tab menu, located left of the Start Tab replaces the Overflow Menu and allows the user to quickly create new drawings, open existing drawings, save all open drawings, and close all open drawings.  The Layout Tab Menu is located left of the Model Tab and allows users to create new layouts from scratch or a template, access the Page Setup Manager, select all layouts in the drawing as well as change the position of the Layout Tab Menu.
  3. A hive of activity!  Activity Insights keep AutoCAD users connected to data throughout their project lifecycles with details of multi-user activities in a DWG file and keep track of relevant file changes and user access with a dynamic activity log. Activity Insights helps fill in informational gaps in users collaborative AutoCAD workflows.  For the most effective results, it is recommended that Activity Insights be connected to a location shared by multiple AutoCAD users.  Events tracked include plotting, purging, and general edits.
  4. On your Mark!  Markup Import and Markup Assist was first introduced in AutoCAD 2023 and have been improved for AutoCAD 2024 to include machine learning to detect verbiage on a markup that can be used to trigger AutoCAD commands such as Move, Copy, and Delete.  Markup Assist also enables text (handwritten and otherwise) to be used to append or replace text in AutoCAD MTEXT or DTEXT.  Markup Import allows an AutoCAD user to import a PDF, JPEG, or PNG file into AutoCAD Trace (introduced in AutoCAD 2022) to overlay the marked-up document directly on the live AutoCAD file to streamline the process of updating designs based on Architect, Engineer, or Lead Designer comments (otherwise known as markups).  Not surprisingly, the Markup Import command is located on the Collaborate tab of the ribbon, and this old-school drafter is extremely jealous this feature didn’t exist back in his production days.
  5. Get Smart!  AutoCAD 2024 introduces the concept of Smart Blocks making placing and replacing blocks easier than ever before with a little AI assistance.  Auto-Placement is a new option located on the Blocks Palette that provides locational and rotational suggestions for blocks as they are inserted into the current drawing.  If the block being inserted matches blocks already present in the drawing Auto-Placement will present the user with a variety of placement options matching those of the existing blocks.  If an Auto-Placement suggestion appeals to the user, they need only left click to accept it.  The Replace command is located on the Block panel on the Insert tab of the Ribbon and allows users to quickly replace selected blocks with another block from a list of similar blocks currently inserted into the current drawing, a list of recently inserted blocks from any other drawing or the user may manually pick a block present in the drawing with a left click.  Replaced blocks will use the same rotation and layer as the original block.  We see this new command as a real time saver for the AutoCAD user.

    AutoCAD 2024 offers exciting new features and enhancements that can help users work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and create professional-quality designs faster than ever before.  If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve in the world of computer-aided design, upgrade to AutoCAD 2024 today and leave the competition behind.

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