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Top 6 New Features in Inventor 2022

Emily CanadaApril 22nd, 2021

As we continue on with our Autodesk 2022 rollout, next we’ll be highlighting the new features that Inventor 2022 provides. Many of these are updates that were requested by Inventor users, so we are happy to see them make it into production. They’ll help reduce repetitive tasks and speed up your connected engineering workflows.

In addition to general enhancements made to the user interface, updates to Inventor 2022 include model states, assemblies, parts, drawings, interoperability, and productivity & performance improvements.  Here are 6 noteworthy new features in Inventor 2022:

1. Model states in part files

Now you can manage manufacturing operations, dimensional variations, and simplified representations all on one part file.

2. Model states in Assembly files

Create multiple representations of an assembly in a single document to manage configurations and model simplification.

3. Enhanced Revit Interoperability

Collaborate on BIM projects with improved tools to simplify and save Revit project files in Inventor.

4. Drawing Enhancements

Use the camera views, manufacturing information, and lighting style from your 3D model in your 2D drawing views.

5. Increased Productivity and Performance

See better performance when editing large assemblies and improved productivity in features you use often.

6. Improved Install and Deploy experience

Get everyone on your team onto the latest release with a new installation and deployment experience.

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