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Create Vertical Curves based on High or Low Points in Civil 3D 2019

Marissa GagnéApril 25th, 2018

Filename:  Civil 3D 2019 Snippet - Profile Curves by High-Low Point.trec

In many projects, designing a roadway to effectively work with the surrounding area and maintain things like necessary speed and sight distance, it is necessary to hold a high or low point in a vertical curve.  Limitations in previous versions of Civil 3D did not allow engineers to design vertical curves to hit a certain low point or high point.  This lead to the need for manual editing, often requiring multiple iterations, to match the necessary point.

Now in Civil 3D 2019, there are new Fixed Curve tools that allow the user to build a vertical parabolic or circular curve by establishing a high or low point and then setting a Radius or K value, and a Curve Length.  During creation, the user has the ability to use the Civil Transparent Commands to enter Profile Station, Elevation, or Grade for the high or low point and dictate if the curve will be a Crest or Sag Curve.  During Editing the curve can be manipulated to move the high/low point and maintain curve parameters, and/or change curve parameters themselves, all in the dynamic, Civil 3D Environment.

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